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The Zodiac Sign Pisces

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(19 Feb - 20 Mar)

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Astrology Pisces (19 Feb - 20 Mar)

Pisces Personality, Characteristics & Traits

An interesting and oftentimes mysterious zodiac sign. A sensible, spectacular and demonstrative sun sign that can tempt other people with their alluring, figurative and fragile personal manner; yet ostensibly so well-advised and virtual that their shoulders are frequently wanted by other to cry upon and lean on. Born following causes that champion the underdog, Pisces the Fishes can all of the time be depended upon to comprise there doing what must be executed for those they patronize and love.

A astroligical sign that 'endures' everything they are attached with, Piscean's oftentimes discovers themselves bearing much more than they wanted -- but who in secret -- would accept it in different manner. An charismatic horoscope sign, with their eyes frequently representing their most enchanting characteristic.

A born psychic with an idea that devotes them keen imaginative sensibility -- and unthinkable aspirations. The major retreat to this is that they can frequently get carried away with the delusion and drop off sight of the possibility. An astroligical sign that doesn't permit other people to control the crazes or storms inside them, tolerating it to come up to the surface only if faced without any exit -- so be geared up for a alarming enemy.

More About This Zodiac Sign

Pisces the Fishes is the 12'th astrological sign in the Zodiac, which initiates from the Pisces constellation. A regular Pisces are timid and lives an enduring trust and love for all those who comes into contact with them. Star stone for Pisces is the valuable Moonstone. Pisces are religious,kind hearted, caring, empathetic and have passion to aid other people in the most ingenious ways. Pisces are all of the time pulled between choices whether to look for the light or dip into the darkness.

Pisces Strength Keywords:

- Compassionate - Adaptable - Accepting - Devoted - Imaginative

Pisces Weakness Keywords:

- Oversensitive - Indecisive - Self-pitying - Lazy - Escapist

Nature of Pisces :

Pisces sign is emotional and mystical, full of intruigue, creative and inspirational, sensitive and lives in their own world.

Pisces Career

Pisces always choose to be a veterinarians, Musicians, artist, psychologist, biologist etc. There are some good career for pisces are Social Worker, painter, ballet dancer, director, musicians, Advertising Executive, Priest etc. Pisceans are good heads of small business and subordinate positions.

Health of Pisces

Pisces are always suffer from any allergic reaction against drug and other related problems. Pisces rules the lymphatic system, synovial fluids and functions of the glands in general etc.

Relationship with Pisces

Pisces goes compatible with Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces but the perfect and best match for Pisces is only Pisces. Pisces is a strong relationship sign, they need others to need them. They have an inherent need to protect themselves from the unfamiliar, unknown or untested.

Famous Pisces:

More About Pisces

Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Camryn Manheim, Cindy Crawford, Vanessa Williams, Ursula Andress, Sharon Stone, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Prince Andrew, Lee Marvin, Sidney Poitier, Jennifer O'Neillm Ivanna Trump, Patty Hearst, Rue McClanaham, Peter Fonda, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Chelsea Clinton, Bernadette Peters, Tom Arnold, Lynn Redgrace, Cyd Charisse Prince Edward, Rupert Murdoch, James Taylor, Neil Sedaka, Michael Caine, Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones, Judd Hirsch, Jerry Lewis, Kurt Russell, Queen Latifa, Patty Hearst, Glenn Close, William Hurt., Mr.Rogers..

and the late Albert Einstein, Lawarence Welk, Frederic Chopin, Michaelangelo, George Washington, Auguste Renoir, Fats Domino, Buffalo Bill Cody, Jackie Gleason, Jimmy Dorsey, Dinah Shore, Glenn Miller, Dr.Seuss, Jean Harlow, Rex Harrison, Mickey Spillane, Nat King Cole.

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