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The Zodiac Sign Virgo

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(23 Aug - 22 Sep)

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Astrology Virgo (23 Aug - 22 Sep)

Virgo Personality, Characteristics & Traits

Do not allow the astrological symbolic representation for Virgo -- the Virgin Maiden -- arse around you. Though believed to representing a prudish horoscope sign, this is one zodiac sign that is actually two dissimilar person. On the daylight -- in sight of everybody -- they can look strait-laced and practical; but once the curtains are drawn in -- look out -- the barbaric side of this astrological sign comes out of the closet.

Virgo the Virgin are the most industrious of signs, breaking down and looking into the thinnest of details. Their neatest ability is to unveil and to find what is wrong, and so their vital side turns predominant. None of the other zodiac sign can be more decisive than a Virgo, still no less so on themselves.

A sign better-known to continually remind other people of defects or troubles, they oftentimes become the instructor, the investigator, the nurse or researcher. Concerned in hading best at work, they're as well into issues of health. Virgo as well bears the ability of being exceedingly humorous or witty; and are the unbelievable fans of playing jokes on other people.

More About This Zodiac Sign

Virgo is the 6'th astrological sign in the Zodiac, arising from the constellation of Virgo. They are eternally the butt end of jokes for being so meticulous and discriminative (and they can be), but their attention to contingent is for a cause to serve other people. They are really intimate and informed nearly about everything. They descend huge joy from helping and are the avant-garde worker bees.

Virgo Strength Keywords:

- Analytical - Observant - Helpful - Reliable - Precise

Virgo Weakness Keywords:

- Skeptical - Fussy - Inflexible - Cold - Interfering

Nature of Virgo :

Virgo sign wants to be helpful, headstrong and likes to rule, emotionally detached, has firm opinions, analytical, organized, observant and fussy and has a quick mind.

Virgo Career

Suitable career for virgio are Corrections Officer, Travelling Salesperson Investment Banker, Accounting, Dental Hygenist, Personal Assistant, Proofreader etc. Virgo women may choose an educational profession, as a teacher or professor in a certain scientific field. Virgo men like to work methodically, and enjoy professions where precision is called for.

Health of Virgo

The common complaints of virgo are flu, cold, constipation, allergies, problems with intestines, etc. They enjoy tennis, racquetball, swimming, sailing, fishing, and biking, even though athletically they are not overly competitive. Black moods and despondency from time to time can adversely affect others in the vicinity.

Relationship with Virgo

Virgo goes compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio but the best Match for Virgo is Capricorn. Virgo are tend to strive for the perfect relationship.

Famous Virgo:

More About Virgo

Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Jane Karakowski, Salma Hayek, Leann Rimes, Cameron Diaz, Kristen Johnston, Faith Hill, Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, Sean Connery, Barbra Eden, Claudia Schiffer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Branford Marsalis, Gloria Estafan, Lilly Tomlin, Keanu Reeves, Mark Harmon, Jimmy Conners, Charlie Sheen, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin, Michael Keaton, Jose Feliciano, Harry Connick Jr, Jacqueline Bisset, Rosie Perez, Tommy Lee Jones, David Coperfield, Lauren Bacall, Peter Falk, Frankie Avalon, Tisha Yearwood, Larry Hagman, Ricki Lake, Shari Belafonte...

and the late Greta Garbo, Lyndon Johnson, Grandma Moses, Arnold Palmer, Mother Teresa, Leonard Bernstein, Martha Raye, Ingrid Bergman, Charlie Parker, Van Morrison, Patsy Cline, Leo Tolstoy, Maurice Chevalier, Jesse Owens, Claudette Colbert, Agatha Christie, Hank Williams.

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